Weekend Wrap Up :: LOTTO WINNINGS!!!

This year is flying by...but with weekends like this one, it's no surprise.

Phew! We packed in a lot this week. Monday started off the week with Leighton's liver biopsy. I was SO nervous. I felt good that they were doing it in hopes of answers, FINALLY. But really more anxious about the results and the fact that she had to be put under.

All went very well and we even got the results yesterday stating she had a healthy liver! WHOO HOOOO!!! Now we have something to celebrate! With that said though...our little ordeal isn't over. Dr. wants to test her again to make sure her levels have stayed consistent and not in the 1200's again. 32 being normal, I like this approach. Should they continue to be elevated, we will then have a different pathologist review the biopsy results. In the meantime, we still can't give her anything for teething or have her 6 month vaccines done. So, while we aren't in the clear, things are lookin up.

Carry us to Friday - which, Jay was on Spring Break. I don't think he had much of a break as he got to experience just how active LB is now. She's ready to sit straight up at ALL times and any day now, occasionally with a little support, she will be sitting on her own. If we can just get her to recognize her arms, she will be out of here and crawling. WOW! I can't believe we are already looking for her to crawl! It goes way too fast!

Anyhoo.. back to the week. It was March so that means Basketball time! I am from Louisville, KY so as you can imagine (or if you didn't watch, Lou vs KY in the final four) I was on cloud 9! It's a huge rivalry and can be really fun to banter with the fans of the other team. We (UL) were underdogs and not slated to do that well or even make it to the tourney... BUT WE DID! I really wanted to write a full post on the tradition and fun of it all last week but the week got away from me. Nonetheless, the Cards lost to the Cats in a very good game. I was still very proud to be a KY gal as the idea of 2 of the 4 teams being from my hood was pretty impressive in itself. We are a college basketball town so it was only a matter of time. That was some good fun on Sat.

Also on Saturday, I chopped my hair! Yup, got my hur-did! Cut so much, they donated it to Locks of Love! Booyah! I have ALWAYS wanted to do that! Chalk that one up to a bucket list scratch off! I love my new do but to be honest, I think I want it shorter. I really want to barely run my fingers through it and go. I am SOOOO a mom now. I told J, I now have the IN mom haircut. whahhh, whahhh, whaaa.

We had a great Sunday... ha! J was miserable as we had a family photo shoot. Miss LB was pretty good... yet she wasn't sharing that award winning smile for a stranger. She proudly shared her raspberries and tongue smiles as she usually does. We managed to get a few good shots of the 3 of us and some of her alone. Check back on Wed. for my Wordless Wednesday post and view the model at her finest.

In other excitement, I would really like to tell  you that I hit the lotto...

 April Fools!! HA!

Until next time...


  1. So glad to hear the liver biopsy had good results! And what a great family picture...I love Leightons dress, she looks adorable!

  2. LOVE your hair! I was going to comment before I even saw the post about your haircut. Super cute. I love the length. Plus, the picture of the little lady with her tough out is amazing. That one is to be blow-up large and framed. Congrats on the good news.

  3. All great news! Sorry we did not win the lottery :(.


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