Weekend Edition :: Easter

Cousin Brianne and Leighton right after she said "Hi"
We ALL heard it! :) 
Leighty Bug had her first Easter this weekend! She was a smashing little princess as always. We spent the day with family at Uncle Michael's and Aunt Linda's. We had a great time as Leighton got to see her cousins that we don't get to spend a lot of time with. Brianne is at the fun age of becoming our future babysitter and we are about just as excited as she is!

This little rockstar raked in 4 baskets and 1 GIANT lady bug pillow! Ms. Holly brought her an Elmo movie that she manhandled the second she handed it to her. Granny and Popy sent her a box FULL of books and goodies. My Mom managed to sneak in a gag gift for me too. I HATE Easter grass. Always have. And my Mom LOVES IT! She sent Leighty bug a bag full of it, yet still in the package. How nice of her. HA! Then Papa and Nany gave her a sweet basket of treats and some magic eggs that Mommy and Daddy will save for her until she is older, oh and a Muppet movie.

Get a picture of this Dad
because it shall only grow each year!
But the Easter bunny sent the biggest basket of all... full of Elmo goodies and a sweet rabbit by mommy's friend Char. It had books, lighted toys, egg rattlers, Cookie Monster and Sully toys, and all kinds of fun!

I love Easter and can't wait for her to celebrate with her cousins in KY too so they can all hide Easter eggs like we did as kids. I am sure there will be hunts here but I LOVED being around my family for this holiday. It's some of my favorite memories as a kiddo. My Great Grandpa was a preacher, so I remember going to church with him in my cute little dress, my gloves, my hairbow and my shiny patent leather shoes. I still have pictures of me in those Easter outfits. It was a big thing to get dressed up for my family then... you just don't see it as much anymore. It seems like a lost holiday that isn't celebrated now that the older generation is no longer with us. Makes me kinda sad. Well, Leighty was gussied up for sure! Not in the picture to the left.... she still rocked her pj's for the EB basket. But to the dinner, you betcha! Now, she might have only worn said dress for a handful of minutes, but nonetheless...
Jack aka "Tank"

We also managed to have some fun with some friends at Jack's first birthday party! He was a cutie pie and ate his cake like a true gentleman.

Only a few more Dr. visits in our future - this month anyway.. fingers crossed. We head to the pediatrician this week for a checkup on her ear infection. I did mention that right? Well she had one about 2 weeks ago now. Still haven't had her 6 month shots so we have to get those soon; her checkup on her bloodwork - of which will have to be done next week; then her HOPEFULLY last visit with the GI doc to end this madness.  All in all, she is SO happy lately and babbling away. She is getting SO big so fast. I love it and dread it all at the same time.

She also had her first day of OT this week. I REALLY like her thus far as she really took the time to get to know Leighton and talk to me about WHAT she was doing versus just doing it. That was nice to have.

Toots managed to get some sun... so I guess you can say it was a great weekend at the Bolden house this Easter. Hope you had a great one too.

Until next time...


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