What a whirlwind life is these days. Seems like yesterday I was preggo finding out LB would be a little bug with an extra chromosome.

I have blinked and she'll be 8 months old tomorrow. Time certainly flies when you're having fun.

Words can't describe the joy she brings to me. And everyone else for that matter. She's a true delight and tr center of my world.

We might have a pre-diva on our hands though. She's quite theatrical. Mommy isn't a prissy girl. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty, dig in some mud, bait my own hook or even remove the fish... I'm not sure Lb will go for that. Our first attempt at "touching" food yesterday (as a sensory part of her therapy) didn't pan out so well. Screams ensued and LB was in fits.

Quite hilarious if I must say. Daddy thinks he's known this prissiness about her all along. I must've missed the memo on this one.

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