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Sadly, I should've written this weekend to share the WONDERFUL news about Leighton's liver function numbers, but we were too busy celebrating!

Truth is... Mommy and Daddy were doing NOTHING at the cottage on Saturday. LB had some fun with Grandpa.. lookin at the water.  Can't wait for the summer weekends to soak up some sun!

I took LB to get her labs done AGAIN on Friday of which we learned the results on Saturday. I told ya we have their attention! Only took 8 months and an enlarged liver, but you gotta do what you gotta do. To make a long story short, they aren't low but are the lowest they have been since we started this Liver Dance. If you recall, they were in the 1200's at one point and normal being 32, this was quite concerning. Now they are in the 50's! WHOO HOO!! Doin the Liver Dance! Ok, you get the joke by now. No?  Moving on.

So, we shall seek her vaccinations this week. Nothing too crazy as she's overdue by about 2 months. Lucky for us, she's not in daycare or anything to expose her to the funky kiddo germs that are so prominent right now. Poor little people are just walking balls of illness and funk.

In other LB news, she is nearly sitting on her own and can hold pose for a few seconds... soon enough, it will happen. She's still working on the upper body strength to get her crawling position ready. If only she could do a few push ups to get it goin. I am sure I will be praying for her to slow down soon enough. For the moment, I REALLY like my snugly, cuddling little baby.

Still working on tooth #1. It's oh-so-close! Also met with her Red-Sippy-Cup this weekend. Stay tuned for Daddy's parody. (Yes, this is now our life.) She gets the concept but the actual action of drinking from it is still to be determined.

Elmo still continues to dominate any other attention seeking initiatives. She can even work my iPhone to get to the Elmo app she likes... with a few sloppy kisses of course. Which leads to her newest "toy" that Daddy bought her. She is now the proud owner of an iPad 3. Yup, not even 8 months old and has a toy more pricey than I ever had. She's worth it though. I see a cell phone at an early age for some odd reason.

Mommy has taken up school again, well sort of. I am going for my CPLP (Certified Professional in Learning Performance) and it's like getting my masters in training. It's a bit more than I really thought it would be but worth it in the end I am sure. Being that I am in a new field, it's a great way to immerse myself into the "learning's" of my new world without really going back to school. Like a Masters for Dummies! Cept, I ain't no dummy, ya hear?!  Wish me luck. If the blog suffers, blame this test.

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  1. Yaay for doing so well with sitting!!

  2. Great news...keep it up Leighton.


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