Weekend edition :: part (who's counting?)

Boy are we beat! LB and I put some miles on the Focus yesterday. Jay left Friday for Snowball weekend so it left all the gals here alone for a girls weekend!!

We headed north early Saturday morning for a long overdue trip to the Irizarry house to celebrate the Twins' birthdays. What a great time! It's amazing how fast time flies.

Unfortunately we had to leave before the cake cutting and paper flying because LB and I had to visit Daddy at camp. It was an hour away and we had a small window of time to get there and be able to visit Jay.

Jay runs a program at his school called Snowball. For those unfamiliar with it, it's a fantastic 3 day event that lasts a lifetime. They bring 100+ teens together to talk about issues/challenges they're facing like acceptance, substance abuse to divorce, suicide and everything in between. The impact this program has is so unbelievable! I'll share some videos and pics once they post them. They're pretty deep do you have to be prepared for that.

They do workshops and sharing groups as well as well as skits performed by students that they work on for months. A couple years ago, I had the great pleasure of watching the skit portion of the event and let me tell ya, Kleenex would benefit greatly from a sponsorship of this night.

Additionally, there are several alumni (usually in college now) that come back each year to help! Against the stereotypical college student perception, these kids are spending a weekend NOT drinking and preaching the reasons not to. So impressive!

The entire program is ran by students with adult supervision and facilitation. The adult group that works alongside Jay is like a little family. They are such an amazing group of people and I'm so happy to have them in our lives.

I genuinely love our visits each Snowball. I feel such a sense of pride for Jay and so blessed to be his wife. This program means so much to him and you can see it when he talks about it. His whole face lights up. Not to mention the work thats put in. He has told me that Leighton will never miss a Snowball and I agree. I can't wait for her to be old enough to attend the entire weekend.

She really is the bell of the ball every time. The kids swarm her upon our arrival! She'll cause a stampede if we're not careful! We arrived while they were taking group pictures and they flattered us by taking a pic of Jay, LB and myself in front of the while group. It was awesome and a picture we'll treasure forever.

In all, the weekend was amazing!!! Spent with great friends and family! Memories made and captured. Record setting weather wasn't so bad either! 86 on saturday! Mid-March and flip flops in Chicago?!? What!?! I love it and it reminds me of home so much. It actually makes living in this area enjoyable!

Until next time...


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