So, Medicaid Called...

Apparently I have to call back when she is 6 to let them know if anything has changed.

Yes, I am serious.

Yes, she has Down syndrome.

No, it doesn't go away.

I will call back every year. Until she is 6. Then I demand to speak with someone.

Thank you, for nothing.


  1. What?? Sammi was eligible for Medicaid from day 1, but we didn't apply until she was 3 because we'd thought it was based on *our* income (which isn't much, but too much to qualify), not hers. Turns out it's hers, and, since we haven't put her to work yet, that's $0. :-) I guess it changes from state to state? I'm sorry. :-( Don't give up...

  2. Oh, that maybe sounded wrong...I'm sorry Medicaid is giving you such a hard time, I just thought it was funny they want you to check in every now and then to make sure she still has Ds.


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