Need More Time....

I've often wondered how the super moms of the world make it all happen. Do they have a full time nanny, a chef, a housekeeper or an entourage like a celebrity?

I'm sure many have at least one of the above. Me, well I suffer from that nasty word, idependent-itis. I have this awful case of- why pay someone, when I can do it myself for free -disease. It's a disease because it's curable by phone call, but I choose not to treat it because I can't bear the thought of someone doing my job.

However, because of my ACTUAL job, my home tasks take a backseat. We already have a Nanny 3 days a week; but not like a Jay-z/Beyonce nanny that follows us to all our big adventures (aka. Walmart on a Friday night; yes, we're that wild n crazy) but one who watches our child so we can make a living. We love Holly! She's fantastic! We hope she continues to come so we don't have to find another. But that's not my point... My point is that it kills me to not be able to juggle it all.

While I know it's not humanly possible for me to be "said super-mom" I certainly give it a whirl. I'm a pretty big neat freak. For the most part, the house is usually free of junk and clutter in the common areas. I said USUALLY.. And the dirt and grime could use more frequent exit strategy. Laundry, the task I wish I could eliminate from my list, is done weekly.. Which is good because I'm not wearing bikini bottoms to work.

The baby is fed, bathed and cuddled first and foremost, leaving above mentioned chores to fill in the hours she sleeps; add in the weekly and many doctor visits, kindermusik, biard mtgs, book club, oh and our time to eat; there is no time for mommy time- aka, my blog, crafting or watching TV. Notice working out isn't listed. No need to kid myself. Especially as I polish off this entire row if thin mints!

There has to be a way.. A way to make it all work. I'm sure most normal people don't have the commute from hell like I do... And most people aren't as controlling when it comes to the responsibilities of the home... So I guess the only place to cut is in my dreams. Literally. I'll just sleep less. It'll have to work, right?

Sure, I'll start right after this nap....

Until next time...


  1. I think all moms struggle with this. I'm a stay at home mom and I STILL can't keep on top of everything. (hugs) You're doing fabulous! It's all about finding the balance, and it sounds like you're well on your way there. (and seriously, your little girl is SO CUTE I can't stand it!)

  2. Your blog looks so cute, I love it!! And yes, Deanna is right this is something we all struggle with.


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