My Friend Ashley

Mid last week, the world lost one of the most wonderful people I've had the pleasure of knowing, my friend, Ashley King.

When I met Ashley, we were young, fun and ready to take on the world. We were both waitressing for a local watering hole. Both with dreams of doing something big in this crazy world. Ashley ended up moving to Florida and our friendship actually grew stronger. We talked quite often and I visited as frequently as I could. I was still in school so visits weren't as often nor as easy as I would have liked.

Upon graduation, I settled for an internship and Ashley was heading off to the sandy beaches to dabble in the tourism industry. I was so envious of her geographical location, but OH SO HAPPY for her. You see, that's her personality. That's how she was. She, oh-so loved helping people. I always thought she had such a nak for talking to even the oddest of folks. Everyone that met her, loved her. She had a wonderful smile and a contagious spirit to say the least.

We grew apart and not by anything other than life taking us in two separate directions. We kept in touch mostly until she moved to the blissful beaches. I then moved to Chicago. We stumbled upon each other at The Oaks (for non-KY peeps, that's the day before Derby) a few years ago and shortly after she visited me in Chicago while she was there for business. Just like old times, we talked and talked for hours. As if we never missed a beat.

It's so cliche to say that it wasn't enough. Words can't express my anger for not being proactive and keeping in touch with her. She was the kind of friend that you didn't have to speak to often and yet you have an understanding that she would be there and you for her if ever needed. She was a true friend and loved unconditionally.

Sadly, her life tragically ended last week. Her story is here. I don't care to tell it because its not my story to tell. All I know is that I do pray for justice. For her family, friends and her spirit. A mutual friend, Sarah S. said it best, " I can only pray that God took her soul before her body endured such pain by three people who took her kindness for weakness. " It sickens me to think about her exit from this world.

I question so many things. How could another human being do something so unreal?! Why would that happen to someone so sweet? How could someone, that is pregnant, allow that to happen in her presence- by the father of her child? Why does he always take the good ones?

I am no stranger to tragic deaths and have endured more tragic losses in my life than many will should in a lifetime. I pray that no more happen to anyone near, close or even far away. For my friends, loved ones and those that just stop by for a story, I love you all! Seriously! Sorry I don't say it enough. Say it before you leave; before you go to sleep. You never know when it might be the last time.

I wasn't able to attend her memorial services, so this is my way of saying goodbye. Thank you for reading. Please keep Ashley's family and many friends in your prayers.

Dear Sweet Ashley,

I know you are having a great time in Heaven. Show those angels how it's done gorgeous! Share your smile and laughter that you so often bring to others. You are loved and you will be greatly missed. I will treasure our memories forever. Thank you for being you.

Rest in peace my dear friend. 

Until we meet again...


  1. Oh how horrible!! This is so sad, thoughts are with you and prayers for the family.


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