KY Love

A couple weeks ago, we went for dinner at my parents. I say that like they live down the street; but literally that's about as long as we were there. We left on a Saturday, cane back 24 hours later.

In that time, we had some great family moments: managed to scare Christmas gifts with my brothers, get leightybugs ears pierced and take a family portrait. Yes, all in 24 hours! Impressive, I know.

I'm so delighted when I get to do the simple things, like help my mom cook, see her with Leighton, hear my Grandma say grace, or wash dishes after dinner with my brothers. It's truly some of those moments in life that don't happen enough for me. I miss my family something awful. I wish they were closer; or me to them.

It's a reminder to not take life for granted. Don't wish it away, and treasure what you have now because it might not always be here.

Until next time...


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