Its a Dinner Show... Starring Mommy & Daddy

There are so many moments with Leighton I wish I could freeze. Starting with keeping her small enough to fit in my arms. Seeing her precious smile that lights up every room AND my whole world. Watching her with Jay and the joy in both their eyes. I can't express in words how adorable they are together.

Over the last month+ we've been introducing baby food. Oh wow, how fun it is. It's literally Leighton vs Mommy & Daddy. Two against one and we still lose. She is so stinkin smart, she's caught on to our entertaining antics quite quickly!

Jay stand/dance behind me, waving his hands, clapping, singing, guitar in hand- whatever we can do- just for the hint of - even a smallest sign, a slight opening in her mouth to get that spoon to fit! It's comical! Oh and she lauuuuughs! The biggest smile! With her mouth locked as tight as Fort Knox!  I can't tell if she is laughing with us or AT us! Both, I am quite sure.

In her mind, I'm sure she's saying something to the fact... " Look at these clowns! What's wrong with them? Maybe if they keep up this act, they'll tire out and stop shoving that gross stuff in my mouth. You don't think it stinks? How about if you wear it?! Let's see how YOU like it! (Insert extended RASPBERRY)" Green isn't Mommy's color.

Nonetheless, it's still one of those moments that I treasure. She's getting so big, so fast. I'm more and more proud of her each day, minute, moment. While the smell of smashed peas isn't my ideal fragrance, I look forward to it every day! Holly, our nanny, also informed me that she too has to endure the dining entertainment. Oh the things we will do as parents and caregivers.

I'll post our dinner and a movie showcase if we're able to get it on tape. Usually there aren't enough hands to hold the camera.

Until next time....


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