3:21 :: World Down Syndrome Day

Tomorrow is WORLD Down Syndrome Awareness Day...

In case you are wondering, why today? Because its the 3rd month, and the 21st day. Ds is the third copy of the 21st chromosome. Get it? 3:21

I am graced with the blessing of working for a company that celebrates giving back. They have given 2 PTO days this year for "Change the World Day" and I have chosen to use one of those to spread awareness tomorrow. Granted, there are 364 additional days that I am now tasked with spreading awareness, but hey, gotta take advantage of the opportunity that means the most to me.

We are going to start our day off with a nice visit for another blood test for LB. She will hopefully be getting her  liver biopsy on Monday. I say hopefully so that we can get the answers we need. Then later that morning, I will join Brianne and her two lovely little bundles of joy as well as Leighty-Bug on a trip to the city to share spread the word to my Centro family. We are gonna show them some 3:21 love with cookies and laughter.

After that, we will visit the NWI DSA for their open house at 3:21 that afternoon. All the day, we will be sporting our NDSS shirts and rockin that awareness spirit proudly. Its our day to show the world that life isn't a burden when you have a kid with special needs. It's a chance to see that life needs to be treasured.

Our kids have designer genes. They have an ability to show the world that we all take life a little too seriously... slow down and smell the roses every now and then.

While this is one day for us to show the world what our kids can do, I plan to spend every day of my life giving Leighton every opportunity to see the World. To receive respect, acceptance and acknowledgement.

I do hope you can take a few moments tomorrow to share a picture of LB or to send this pic to Google at proposals @ google.com. We want them to update their logo on Wed. If you think about it, sport a yellow and blue scheme into your color palate today.. that's the colors for DS awareness. Thank you in advance!

Until next time...


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