The Weekend Edition :: Part 3

The poo poo dance! That's what we are doin in this Bolden house this weekend! 3 times in one week, Leighty-bug has blessed us with muddy diapers twice IN ONE DAY!! That's right folks! We have 2 poos in a 24 hour span! Talk about some happy parents.

We are ready for a 4 day weekend for sure since we are both off on Tuesday as well to take Leighty-bug to get her ultrasound on her liver. I am really feeling good about it. The pediatrician said she doesn't think it's anything to be concerned about but that she wants to be cautious. I like that. I am glad to see her being overly careful than not at all.

Her PT started coming to the house this week too. So for the first time in a great while, we didn't see the inside of a doctor's office or a hospital. That streak shall end tomorrow though.

All is well with the world as Mommy got to get lost in Target for a while this weekend too, which was much needed. So great to just get lost in the aisles of goodness. I thought I made it out without a stroll through the dollar aisle, but that didn't happen. Glad I did because the books were plentiful today. Never have too many Elmo Goes to the Zoo books...SHE LOVES ELMO!

Jay and I were able to go to a Louisville game this weekend too. His uncle played for DePaul and was honored at the game. Fortunately for us, he took us with. I still had to sport my UL gear though, even in the DP alumni suite. Hey.. girls gotta do, what a girl's gotta do! Just sayin. We managed to pull a W outta you know where because we certainly didn't outplay them. It was such a great time.

Our weekend was wrapped up with some dinner with friends. Such a blessed few days.

Our little booger is still fighting this sinus gunk. I hope it to be gone by the next couple of days. I am not sure who's snoring louder, her or Toots these days. Add in the pooing too, and we have ourselves a competition folks.

Please mark these words... should you not hear from Jay or I again, we have died in our sleep from the gas of Tootsie Rollita Bolden. IT'S UNREAL! Therefore we are looking for a dietary adjustment. Because we can't take it anymore. It's like rotten fruit loops! UGH!

Well, that's our weekend... Hope you shall come back to visit... OFTEN!

Until next time....


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