The Weekend Edition :: Part 2

I had a ROUGH week last week. Mostly near the end of it really. I am really frustrated with doctors. Have I ever mentioned that? Boy, am I in for a long road if I don't get this out of my head. I blame Raving Fans, a book we read at work. It's about service and the lack thereof in the world today.

Slowly, I'm learning my loathing the medical community will get me nowhere. While I do my best to not place judgement, I can't help it. Why would you enter a profession where you are tasked with helping people, yet are so poor at it? Isn't there a test you should have to pass to measure your
likableness just to enter the medical world?

I have counted it... since Leighty-bug has entered this grand ole world, we have been to some form of a doctors office 15 times. We have seen 7 different doctors (outside of the 6 in the NICU), had labs done 3 times (1 on the way) and 3 therapy evaluations. That doesn't count any of her actual therapists. Keep in mind, she's only 5 months old. I guess we are very lucky in some regards because we don't go weekly. Really. Our average might be more of I really broke down the numbers, but whose counting?

The bulk of that number is her pediatrician. I am in search of a new one.. it's just a matter of finding the right one. I mean I don't really ask for much. I just want some simple courtesy. Respect if you will. I mean is it too much to ask to call my child her proper gender? Really? Maybe you could remember the last concersation we had. TWO DAYS AGO!

Then the GI specialist... "Downs; Downs babies"  Oh boy. I seriously lose all respect for them when this happens. I don't harp on family or friends because they are learning just as I am. But if you are in this profession, you should know better. I don't mispronounce your name, so please take the time to humanize my baby girl. While your at it, care bear stickers on the wall doesn't make your horror movie office any friendlier!

On another note... I love my husband. I am still shocked each day that he still loves me after the tantrums I throw sometimes. I mean, I cry and get so frustrated at these people and he just lets me vent. He's really an amazing man. With so much patience. Not to mention how great of a father he is. It really brings me to tears at how cute they are together. Leighton's face lights up when she hears his voice or sees his face. Its really the most adorable thing and melts my heart every time.

Leighty-bug and Daddy's high fives
We are currently waiting to get an ultrasound on Leighton's liver as her liver is enlarged. They had little answers because they don't know if it's anything to worry about or not yet. I am SO upset that we have to wait 3 weeks to get this done. Another part of my distaste for the medical community. Just get us in already! She is still trying to get over this cold issue. Congestion, coughing and teething to top it off. On a brighter note, she has pooped 7 days in a row now! BIG WEEK for the Boldens!

We are on to vegetables this weekend too. Peas to start an she likes em so far! Not to mention, we got out of the house and visited with Nanny and Grandpa Jimmy Bud, then breakfast with the Zambon's. Big Big weekend for us.

Leighty is also VERY mobile in her sleep and even wakes up on her tummy at the opposite end of the crib. So we invested in breathable bumpers this weekend. We shall see how this goes. They aren't anything to look at but I'll be ok with them if they keep her from breaking a leg.

Have a great week!

Until next time...


  1. LOL...You are not alone in your loathing of Doctors!! I cannot stand it when a "professional" calls Russell a "Downs" like he is a rare breed of dog or something. Ugggg.

    Love the hand picture, so cute :)


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