Since I started this blog, I have struggled to figure out a few things. Things that are essential to blogging. What is the right balance of writing for me? How often should I post? Heck, what do I even want to write about? WHEN can I write?

As I have talked about before, I started writing out of a want/need to write about my craftiness adventures but upon the arrival of our little princess, my blog transformed into my source of release. It's really been a way to reach so many people in our new little community as well as a way for me to share, collect and work through my own thoughts as we travel this road of life.

Now I feel its not only a place to share my life about Leighton and the joys of motherhood, but it is becoming my way of being her voice. Until she has one that is. There is no doubt in my mind this little gal won't speak her piece. Have you met her parents?!

Back to my need of balance and consistency... oh yea, I want to find the balance and consistency for this blog. T-2-1 is my way of coding the day of the week that I want to write about Trisomy 21, aka Down syndrome. There are 2 days in 1 week that begin with T. T-2-1. Easy peesy.

After all, I know that I need to release my thoughts on the issues and obstacles/non-obstacles we face. I want to educate and advocate too. This is my spot for that. I also know that I have to continue to have some me time. So my crafting and organizing fun shall continue through this outlet. Don't worry, pics will be there too, especially on Wordless Wednesday... I can't stop taking them! Nor can Holly, our nanny.

She is so good at capturing the right shots! She has a degree in photography, worked with dogs and kids too. We hit the jackpot with her! I can't say enough wonderful things about Holly and her adorable daughter Kailyn. (I pray I spelled that right.) Leighton loves them both. I can by how she looks at her. It's sweet.

Back to my post of the week for T-2-1. So, I have really struggled to find the right words and ways to correct someone when they say the "R" word or they have no clue about how to use people first language. How do you politely tell them your daughter isn't a "Downs baby" or that the "R" word makes you cringe?

On 2 separate instances over the last month, I have run into this. Once when the "R" word was used at a breakfast J and I attended with some friends that were meeting Leighton for the first time. The word wasn't used in context to her but in reference to the validation of a movie. It still made me wince. Then at a lunch with a friend, I heard him reference Downs Babies. I let it slide the first time and the second, but the third, I had to say something. I politely rudely said "Baby with Down syndrome" as soon as the words left his lips. He seemed to take it in and even said, Oh, Ok. But the friend at breakfast, I never said anything to.

When is there a right time? Is there even a polite way to go about this? What do you say? I struggle with these situations. With my close friends and my family, it's easier because I have a comfort level. My poor Mother-In-Law struggles to get through a sentence because she knows I will correct her. But it's the effort she is putting forth that makes me so happy. I know that she is doing her best to support our little girl and all the people that are a part of this world. I know that my friends that take a second thought before addressing Ds, or Down syndrome, are doing it because they care about my feelings and my little girl. I also know that when they forget or make that mistake, it's not to hurt me or malicious.

So, if you do forget, no worries. Please don't be offended when I correct you and I won't be offended when you speak incorrectly. Deal?

Until next time...


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