Holy Canolli!

Boy do I have some catchin up to do?! It's been a week and I feel like I have barely blinked.

I have several excuses reasons for my lack of blogging. Beginning with Leightybug's sinus infection that started last Tuesday. No fun. Poor little gal had some residuals from her cold that came back with a vengeance. Throw in a good book, aka Hunger Games, and some pretty stress filled days at work, you will then get one blog-less momma.

But I have missed sharing my thoughts and the ideas haven't stopped. So where do I begin?

Well, as I have mentioned, last week was pretty hectic. Our little gal is such a trooper though. She held strong during a sinus infection, which I can't even really stand to get through. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than seeing little babies in pain and you could see it in her eyes. The doctor took one look at her and said..."Oh she doesn't feel good does she?" The smarty pants in me wanted to tell her that we just missed being in the office 3 times that week, but I didn't. See, I am getting better. This week.

Friday was also a big day for us. We had the NWI DSA (Northwest Indiana Down Syndrome Association) Valentines Day Party. It was so fun and such a nice event. I am glad we went even though we didn't stay long since our lil party girl wasn't up for much of a party. We took a few pictures, had dinner and left when the dancing started.

The night before Jay and I watched Monica and David. The documentary about a man and woman that have Ds and get married. It was very good and I really enjoyed it. Stories like this one give you so much hope. Not that other stories of those shared with you being so bad, but when someone tells you that they know a friend of a friend of a friend that has "Downs" and they can brush their own hair. Oh and they are SOO happy. While I know the intentions are good, it's a struggle to hear because you want so much more for YOUR child than the small milestone of brushing her own hair or being so nice and sweet. I truly believe the parents of Monica and David have worked very hard to provide better lives for their kids. Also in a time when the resources probably weren't what they are now. Nor the acceptance of children that share this extra chromosome.

Fast forward to the weekend and we had a pretty eventful one. For us anyway. As I mentioned, we got rid of cable, so our weekend was the true test. It was great! We installed the new antenna and have a better picture than ever.

We have another big weekend coming up full of family and friends. Then on Tuesday, we will head to Oak Brook for an ultrasound on LB's liver. Fingers crossed we get good news.

Tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday so please stop back in for so much cuteness you won't be able to stand it!

Until next time...


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