Frugal Friday

By now, you are probably on to me. You get that I have a name for every day of the week as it relates to my blog. Good.

So, Friday being such coveted day, I wanted to write about something that we can all relate to. Ways to save money. I am by no means any Susie Norman or Dave Ramsey... but I have learned a thing or two about chipping away at debt, crunching some numbers and stretching a dollar. I do hope these tidbits are helpful for you too...

My tip for the week. Do you drink coffee? Do you drink Starbucks coffee that you make at home? Well I do. I LOVE IT! Now I have bought SO many bags of this sweet nectar and tossed the bag in the trash. NO MORE MY FRIENDS!!

Did you know, for every bag that has this handy little sign on it, you get a free coffee in store?! WOWZA! Do you know how many I have tossed before I found this nugget of goodness?

Top right corner! YUP! It's a free cup-a-joe!

At first it was a little odd taking in an old bag to redeem. But do it once and you are IN! I do hope you enjoy your next cup of java.

You're welcome.

Until next time....


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