Caviar Dreams & Broken Promises

This is what I think of when I look at Pinterest. I have Caviar Dreams and a Bologna Sandwich budget.

I could look at that dang site for hours. In fact, I have. I do. I will probably continue with this slice of dreamland as I need an escape from reality.

It's one of those things that makes you really mad because you didn't think of it. Right?! I mean, I know I am not the only one that has grazed MULTIPLE magazines with the thought, "One day... I only hope." Or I better cut this out because I don't want to forget it. It's like having all the magazines you have ever subscribed to in one place. AND you have a place to put the things you cut out. Not only that, you can SHARE these fun things you find! GASP! So, even if you don't get to build that dream home with Bradley Cooper while you build the perfect child's playhouse, and host the best parties with the cutest food and wonderful cupcakes, you can still show everyone that you thought about it!

I mean come on.. it's the best and worst thing to happen to women since we burnt bras. (You have to admit, there were some pluses and negatives to that piece of the movement. Let's face it, not everyone looks good without the over-the-shoulder boulder holders. Just sayin.) Not only can we make hella food dishes, plan the BEST wedding, build the best home, have the cutest kids clothes, but it also pieces together our closet for us! WOW! Let's face it ladies, we now have super-powers and it's called Pinterest!

I am a (better) wife, mother, crafter, photographer, designer, chef, sewer (not a word), traveler, carpenter, DIY-er, painter, wiser, wittier, organized, home remedy-er person... just check out my boards for proof!

I'll admit it. I am an addict. I can quit anytime. So what if I get all tweeked out when I think my pins are disappearing. Seriously. WTF?! Why does that happen?! Why does it tell me there are NO MORE PINS? Who used them? Why would they do this to me?! Why is my phone fighting with Pinterest? It won't let me repin. I broke my Pinterest.

That's when I go into panic mode! WHY IS IT FAILING me?! What if I never see this pin again?! OMG! And then, I see it 10,000 bagillion times for the next week. I even hit the LIKE to not lose these pins. Once back up to power, I see that I have already pinned this... not to fail, I shall spend HOURS organizing my LIKES onto the right boards. No need for clutter.

So... I shall share some of my fun Pinterest are just a few things that I have found to be helpful... or have attempted and found pure failure...

What a treat this turned out to be... all inspired from this guy.

Not counting the arm part of the picture... but you get the hint of where I am goin here.
My heart is a lil sideways too. Oh well, it adds character. Hers is SO much better.

My Christmas cones... I was inspired by this blog,
but took it to my own level of awesomeness and included the elves.

This is my take on this little number...

So, while I don't always have the polished product in the end...I give it my all. It's fun and I like doing it. Plus, finding these projects is 3/4 of the fun!

Please share your addictions.. your stories. Tell me I am not all alone. Please! ANYONE? Please! Somebody... anybody...


I shall go pin now.

Until next time....


  1. I love Pinterest! Same reasons!
    I am a former tear-that-idea-outer and now this is like a dream come true :)


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