Yup, I'm talking about the ones no one wants to talk about... I may gross you out on this one... but everybody has them. Boogers. The gooey, the slimey, the hard, the small, the large, the green, the white. Boogers. You know em. You have them. Everybody does.

A few years ago, I would gag at the mere sight of a booger. I puked in my mouth at the mere THOUGHT of seeing, much less touching one.

For SO many reasons, they have a very disgusting reputation. To most people even. For many of those same reasons, my stomach could not handle these sticky morsels of grossness much less the sight of them.

Given my recent role as a mother, I have found a new level of comfort with these types of body deposits. Much like my level of poop conversations, I have a new appreciation for their purpose. I relish in their appearance. From certain subjects,obviously.

Rewind my life a few years ago and you might not get the same response. Something to the fact of gag, hurl and vomit would have been more like it. Ask me to simply toss a tissue in the trash and I would have choked at the thought of touching someone else's boogers. Pinching it, covering my nose and then scrubbing my hand with bleach after, I would oblige out of courtesy and run in disgust to rid myself of the potential contamination.

Insert a slobbery, snorting, farting and boggery English Bulldog, and my life is covered is a booger covered mess. It was such a big change for me. Big enough for my own Mother to gaze in awe at my new-found comfort levels of bodily fluids of another life. As I have mentioned in a previous post, Tootsie certainly prepped me for motherhood in more ways than I could have imagined. Boogers included.

It's nothing to see a booger hang from the snout of my beloved dog. Or the mile long slobber and drool hanging from her mouth. She may even then shake her face where it could end up in your mouth. True story.  Nor is it too far fetched to now see these lovely displays hang from the nose of my precious daughter. The best part is that I welcome them. I love the fact that they are coming out of her instead of staying in her body to reek havoc on her tiny little immune system. I love that they are the remnants of what could be an infection or dust, dirt or other unwelcome spores entering my little one's body.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still hate adult boogers. That I still gag upon. Just last year, I witnessed a guy pick his nose and proceed to wipe it on a pole in Chinatown, NY. Broad daylight. Wiping for all the city to see and witness. It gags me at the slightest memory. But children's boogers are a different story. They have less mileage or something. They don't pose the infectious risk that adult boogers do. Nor do they have the same gross affect the adult version carries. While somewhat stickier, they are in a weird way, kinda cute.

My pal Brianne and I were on a trip to Gigi's Playhouse just last week and she asked me to wipe her son's nose. There were visible boogs waiting to be wiped, and I had NO problem doing it. Rewind 3 years ago.. I might have relinquished our friendship to avoid such gestures.

Now I am a mommy. If I am not covered in a booger at least once a day, I feel like the day isn't complete. My little nugget is so congested most of the time that I pray for a boogey to enter my life on a regular basis. I will save the dancing for the poo'ing. But a loud clap and a cheer are always necessary when we have boogeys!

I do hope you have enjoyed my thoughts on boogers. Please share any of your encouraging moments of these delightful(not) gestures of body functions... because having a kid changes everything. I mean EVERYTHING!

Until next time...

Give me this thing Mommy.. I'll show you how its done!


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