The Weekend Edition

What an exciting couple of weeks we have had. I didn't realize that my last post was all about Tootsie and none about Leighty-bug until today. To fill you in on the happenings at the Bolden household, let's begin over a week ago.

Over a week or so ago, the Nanny and her little gal weren't feeling so hot. I prayed it wouldn't continue the ickyness to us but turns out we weren't so lucky. A week later Leighty-bug was feeling kinda sickly herself. It started out with a cold. I wasn't thinking too much of it but remembered a convo I had last week over dinner with my pal Brianne. She informed me that there is a shot that she should have called Synagis because she has a heart defect and Ds. This is a shot that will help her should she get RSV (respiratory junk in case you were wondering). Of course, my worrying mind went into uber-Mommabear mode and I wasn't too happy that we had not even discussed this shot with our pediatrician. That's a post for another time... nonetheless, I made an appointment for Thursday. She had no fever, but had a slight cough and was just fussy.
Fast forward 4 days later, she is better; only minor upper respiratory issues and we saw a new Dr. who approved the Synagis shot. To add to our visit, she is sending us to a GI specialist this Thursday as LB hasn't been real consistent in the poo department. Her words, "Her liver is a bit enlarged." In case you needed to wonder, yes, I went on the internet to look this up. BIG MISTAKE! I stopped immediately and I am now in denial that it's anything to worry about. She just needed to drop the kids off. Or the whole class if you know what I mean.

If you think that's where it gets better, no so much. It's now Tuesday and my Nanny is texting me on the train into work that she is pulling at her ear and not very easy to console. So, on top of a constipated lil nugget, we now have teething and a slight cough. Good times! She was actually a lot better the day before but I then again read online that it's common to get an ear infection after a common cold. Begging the Dr. office to give us a Rx for penicilian, they instructed that we had to come back in. Mind you, we will be going again that Friday for the shot. So, Jay rushed home from work to get her to the Dr. He's a great dad. But Mommy was in a mood all day as I know that I should be there for any and all medical issues. Yet, I have a 2 hour commute to get me home. Not fun! Nonetheless, she was fine. No infection, just teething and severe gas. Poor lil gal.

She is all better now and all is right with the world. We actually had a good visit with First Steps last week. As well as the shot. We were approved for PT so we got to pick who that will be and it turns out we get to keep the same one we have now. Sweet!! So I shall not hate them. This week.

We had a nice outing this weekend to do some shopping. To Daddy's dismay, we were successful in getting a lot of things done. Including ridding Mommy of her 502 phone number. It was a sad day for me. I can't lie. It was that last connection I had left to home. For whatever reason, it tore me up to get rid of it. Not to mention that I've had that same number for 12 plus years and the sheer inconveinence of getting a new number. But it made me sad. On the brighter side, it will help Leighton when she needs to remember a local number to not have to remember the area code. I am a Hoosier. OUch, that hurt to say.

On our big adventure, we also managed to stop in at Olive Garden where Leighty-bug made her love for Diet Coke known!! You be the judge from the pic....

We also got a new bib... we are easing our way into Oatmeal and other foods. Stay tuned for more fun in the adventures of  "Paint Mommy's face with food!"

Stay tuned for all the craft blogging, organizing goodness, wordless Wednesday, link up parties and my newest obsession...Pinterest fun!

Until next time....


  1. btw, No - she didn't have any diet coke

  2. Ya, she definitely looks excited about that coke! haha...Glad she is feeling better too. It's always scary when they get sick at that age. She sure is a cutie :)


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