Closet Shame & Oatmeal

Does it count if you didn't realize you cheated?

Technically, I didn't do as I said I would, sure. But I didn't buy ANY craft supplies OR coffee OR any of the other items on the list for the Challenge. However. I am guilty of buying some mesh bins from an unnamed big box store with a LARGE red symbol. For organizing. Does that count?! Really?

I had to go in for deodorant. How it always starts...Next thing you know, I have spent my entire gift card from my hubby, and another $21. While I have to say, that's quite impressive for me on a deodorant trip to unnamed store. My deo alone costs $11! It's that cheap-goods aisle that gets me. The one where they make you think it's only $1 and it's $2.50. Gets me every time I walk in that place!

I did so well this week too. I didn't splurge on lunch. Thought frugally in all decisions. Went to the baby store and saved a $40+ on needs for the munchkin and remembered on the way home that I needed deo. UGH!

I am really mad at myself. So I know that I will make this week count for the last. But I have to justify those bins. You see, they are like gold in my house. Ok, Ok. Yes, I have a problem. I like to buy things to put things in.

I have this thing. Yes, this is only one of them... but I LOVE to clean out my closets. Literally. I get pure enjoyment from moving things around and making them look new and fresh. Sadly, I don't toss out a whole lot of stuff all the time. It's usually the goal when I begin said project, however, I usually just find new ways to "store" it all. Hoarding. Probably some day. But you won't find dead animals, trash or bags of poo. Even I draw the line somewhere.

dark on purpose. no one needs to see this
monstrosity in the light.
Which brings me to my shameful craft room closet. It makes me quite anxious to see this. Much less to post it and share with the gigantic list of readers I now have. (wink, wink) But here is my addiction. In the flesh. Bags INSIDE of bags. Baskets, Bins, Oh MY! Yes, those gift bags are the gift bags from Leighton's baby showers. I saved EVERY SINGLE ONE! Wow! Can we say, issues?

In my mind, it's being frugal. Those suckers aren't cheap. So. For every gift I give her (and everyone else for that matter) until she is 40, shall be in a bag from her shower. Most likely a pink one too.

Note to self. You have more than one issue listed in this blog. Print and take to your therapist.

On another note, and a brighter side of my life. The munchkin had to have more blood drawn yesterday. She was a ROCKSTAR! We got numbing cream beforehand. Genius! Wish that was one I would have thought of. However it makes NO sense to me whatsoever that they don't offer this cream at the lab. We had to take her to the Dr. office first, then to the hospital to get labs. Fun.

Just before this appt. we had her lovely FS appt. If you don't know what FS means, you can refer to the last post about therapy. They are SO NOT my favorite people. Long story short, she was approved for Physical Therapy (PT) but Occupational is going to have to wait until they think she needs it. Um, hello, she's getting it somewhere else you do-do brains. I shall refrain from name calling as much as possible, but they make this momma bear want to pounce!  One of, out of several, reasons... as I mentioned before, they get the say when she gets therapy and seem to think that preventative isn't worthy of treatment based on their program. I guess they would just like to correct issues for kids. Rather than prevent them. Eerks. My. Nerves. To top it off, they speak to you like you are clueless because I am not hip to some of the baby products out there. I am a new mom and there are just some things that I don't know. Like Puffs. Who would have known what puffs were before kids? Come on lady. Or the other one... Infa-dent?! Can't you just call it a toothbrush. Come on! She's number 1 on my "people to wish the sharts on" this week.

Nonetheless, our angel rocked her appointment. It seemed almost the instant they left, she started trying to roll to the right. Currently we have only rolled to the left from back to belly. Now she is getting the right down! Woot woot!! I contribute this to a long week with Daddy. My husband was born with coach in his blood. He's so amazing and seeing him with our little girl melts my heart. He was thrown into full on Mr. Mom this week while Mommy worked and he was on winter break. Not only was she quite gassy and dealing with some constipation from the soy switch, but she's also started teething. It's coming and going in spurts. So, being the wonderful man he is, he found it to be a challenge and rocked Daddyhood like a champ! He also brought our little gal to visit mommy in the office since he knows how tough of a time I am having being away from her so often. What an amazing man I have in my life. I can't say enough good things about him. I love him so much more every second of the day.

Today was her first spoon fed meal too! What fun that was. Daddy with the video and mommy armed with a soupy oatmeal dinner. She not only ate most of it, but she seemed to enjoy it as you can see. :) Now we sit together on this lovely Saturday night, each on our computers, we are very content with the poopy we got before she went to bed. Munchkin is now fast asleep with a full belly and the pups are snoring and farting away. Oh the life.

Until next time...


  1. Awwww.... I am so happy for all three of you. Life proves to be difficult for all new moms and I find it amazing that you even found time to blog about it but am so glad that you have because I never get to talk to you. Good Luck with everything and thanks for the blog keep up the good work I am so proud of you Shona Lee.

  2. You are hilarious Shona! I love that you share your life with us!



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