31 Day Challenge... Is it Over Yet?

Well, 2 weeks in and I've done pretty good, I'd say. No major purchases besides my bins; only paid for lunch twice this month; no shopping outside of gift cards and what was needed. My hubby was kind enough to go to the grocery for me as to not torture me.

One thing I have learned is that I have a shopping addiction. I admit it. I live to shop. I love deals! I like browsing. There, step one in recovery.

Only 2 weeks left and I have done oh so much already. I've completed 1 craft on no budget. I've reorganized my kitchen cabinets, something I've wanted to do since I was pregnant. More to come on those fun nuggets of goodness. Most of all, I've spent some great time with my family.

I just love my little family so much. I really am a lucky gal.

Now the bigger question is what shall I do with these new findings of frugalness? I guess that's to be seen. I ain't gonna lie and say I won't shop. Let's not kid ourselves, what fun would that be?!

Until next time...


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