That. Just. Happened!

Yup. Leighton is 3 months old. WOW! Everyone tells you that it goes oh so fast, but I really had NO IDEA! I seriously find myself staring at her for hours on end. It has been so surreal and I really can't think of any place I'd rather be. However, reality is slowly approaching.

I am heading back to work soon and that's going to be tough to say the least. I am blessed to have a great job and I am really so grateful for it. But to know that she will be in someone else's care for nearly 12 hours per day is really hard to swallow. I will miss our daily goo goo gaga talks that we have over coffee and formula each morning. Not to mention our daily - what to wear - convo's. Not to say that we can't have those on the weekends, but it's become my life and routine over the last few months.

When I look back I wonder what I have accomplished on my maternity leave and I think about all that I will miss besides the bambino.....

What will I do without Nate and Ellen on a daily basis. I already had to say goodbye to Regis! My DVR will never be the same. It can't teach me the wonderful ways to spruce up a fall outfit or show me how to dance life away, at least for 10 minutes a day. If only I could remember all the wonderful things talk shows have taught me. How to shop; cook; laugh; and design. All those quick tips and tricks.

Then there is the blog world. I learn so much here too and find so many blogs inspirational. Many things to discuss on my own blog, yet the fingers never make it to the keyboard to write about them. I've had so much time but yet not enough to blog about it. The "to do" list I had to complete before Little Bit arrived is still the same list. Nothing has been done to the blog. Same layout. No sponsors. Much fewer posts.

My house isn't spotless. My car hasn't been washed since J took it (pre-baby). I haven't crafted anything magnificent - or anything at all, to be clear. Very little shopping.. I haven't taken the professional pics of Baby Girl that I wanted. I've slacked on posting her monthly pics too. Isn't like I have practiced my culinary arts either.

What in the world have I been doing for 3 months? What do I have to show for all of this time??

I have stared into these big blue eyes and found myself lost in the love I have for this child. Words really can't describe the pure joy I see when she smiles and coos at me. So, the house can wait. The crafts come later. The blog will get written. But you can't put a price on spending enough time with this cute little face.

To update on Lady Leighton's progress... she had her 2 month vaccines a few weeks ago. That wasn't fun. She had a reaction to the rhotovirus(?). Nonetheless, we got through it. She is growing well and is in the 75%th percentile for the Ds growth chart. 50% for typical chart. She's kicking butt. Tummy time isn't her favorite, but she does well. We are looking into therapy for the bambina right now as First Steps said she isn't in need. A whole other blog to write about. We want to stay ahead of the game and give her all the opportunities we can.

Until next time....


  1. Leighton is adorable!!!! ....and I love her name, so cute!


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