Nursery... check!

Hello my blog reading peeps! Thanks for stopping by again. I have kept you waiting long enough. Who would have thought a whole month and a week has passed since my last post. Well fear no more, I am here to share more than you probably wish I would have. 

Where to start. First things first, I am now 37 weeks which is full term at this point. We had the 36 week checkup this past week and Lady Leighton is in prime position for her arrival. Let's just hope she stays that way. She's already a whopping 6.1 lbs which means she may come in around 7.5. All organs still look great. My doctor visits will now be weekly so the countdown is on! 

Jay and I made the hike to the hospital to see what all the hype was about. Let me tell you, it's one schnazzy joint. You get private rooms, private nurses and you order meals like room service - meaning ANYTIME! That's not too shabby. The best part... there is a Chick Fil A right down the street. This may not seem like anything super important to my peeps in KY as we were spoiled to the deliciousness for years. Here in Chicago though, it has just graced the lips of those in the north... so it's a whole new experience for these peeps. Kind of a big deal. Just sayin. 

We had our 3rd shower last month too. Yes, I said 3rd. We have lots of peeps that love us and this little girl. That's for certain. My BFF, Mandy and her mom, Bridget, came and hosted the best shower. It was adorable and delicious. We had burgers and pigs in a blanket. YUM YUM! Leighton got so many wonderful gifts. The best part was meeting some of Jay's cousins and aunts that I hadn't met yet. Thanks to facebook, I felt like I already know them, but seeing them in person made it all the sweeter. Once again, my work buddies showed me how wonderful they are and made the hike to Indiana. Not only that, they took great care of my princess. Thanks to everyone!! Love to all! 

School starts for the hubby on Monday. I am sure he feels like he didn't have much of a break considering I kept him working the entire summer. The good from that is that the nursery is complete! Well, almost. I am still working on the mobile. As usual I am over-complicating something very simple. Check out the adorableness that I can't seem to leave...(pics are from my phone so they are a lil dark and blurry)

Curtains are up. Wrinkled. But up.

Bed for a princess. 

The closet of a queen... this child has more shoes and clothes than I know what to do with. This is only one side of the closet!! 

Check out the shelf of literacy! All those books came from our showers. We did the no card, send a book deal and it was AWESOME! Only one duplicate out of all of them.

Needless to say, I feel a sense of contentment. Maybe because this was a 9 month project that is finally done.  We are as ready as they come. Car seat ready. Bags are packed. Dr. on alert. Peeps at work are aware of the "action plan." God love them all for putting up with my swollen complaining self. I mirror the Marshmallow man from swelling. Being active is a daily task. But I am still showing up. My boss told me I scared him. He is afraid I will have her at any minute.

I am now in the irritable, uncomfortable and slightly miserable phase. From all of the gazillion pregnancy stories people graciously share with you, whether you want them or not... it seems pretty normal. She has dropped A LOT! Which makes sitting very hard. I worry that I will snap her neck. I know I won't because I have worked very hard to give her as much padding as one can. Just ask the scale in my bathroom. Or the Oreo aisle. We had a long standing relationship there for a while. We have ceased the love affair and I have moved on. Nonetheless, they have left their traces of goodness in my heart and on my thighs. 

All in all, I am ready to meet our little girl. I can't wait to hold her and tell her how loved she is. Hopefully, the next post will be all about Leighton's arrival. Pictures of her included.  

Until next time...  


  1. The nursery is so beautiful!!! I cant wait to hear of her arrival, keep us posted!

  2. so jealous...we're still getting the nursery ready...and I'm at 37 weeks too. (-: Hope everything goes smoothly for you...can't wait to hear the good news!


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