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Pictures pages, picture pages, have some fun with picture pages... Does anyone remember that show?! I loved it as a kid!

Well folks, I have figured out how to add pictures! Sadly, it has taken me this long to figure it out. No better time to start than now. What a weekend it has been working on the house. As I have said before, my nesting is in full swing. My husband might tell you that nesting is just a character trait and nothing to do with pregnancy. Isn't he just so funny.

Un/Lucky for him, the nesting got us moving this weekend and no closet was untouched. The nursery is nearing completion. Minus the crib.. thank you Babies R Us for sending a broken one. Spare nothing but the best for our princess. Now it's on backorder, lovely. So we will wait for a perfect one to come. Here are some pics of what we have thus far... yet still SO much to do.

Thank you Ikea for the flower lights; the letters I made and the changing table was a bargain find from craigslist. Aunt Kim got us the glider that Mommy loves already. Daddy's paint work at it's finest.

My hands hurt from these darn flowers! Each one had to be cut out and placed on the wall individually. Fun times. :)

I had 2 amazing showers. One in Louisville and the second at the office. Below are some of the highlights from those 2 amazing days.

Lady Leighton's blessed table of gifts!

Such an adorable and delicious cake! 

My lovely hostess, Mom. :)

Each person made a card for Leighton and for a different year. So, on every birthday, she will receive a card from someone that attended her baby shower. :) Such a special treat.

1100+ diapers!! LIKE WOW! I am so lucky to work with such wonderful people. 

To think, we have one more here in Indiana for all of our family and friends in this neck of the woods. Such a lucky gal this little lady is already. 

And now for the photo that makes me smile every time I see it.... Miss Lady Leighton herself... from the 3D photo shoot we had a few weeks ago. :)

I can't wait to meet this doll face! She's stolen my heart already.

Until next time...


  1. adorable room. im sad i missed the shower!!!

  2. Her room is beautiful! And what a sweet photo of Leighton, you cant look at it without smiling :)

  3. Hi Shona,

    I got to your blog through Laura's blog, Bens Blessing and was reading about when you recieve the news of you baby and all the tests you are going though. Been there! Our baby boy, Noah, who is 4 months old has Down syndrome. He is such a blessing as I'm sure your baby girl will be to you! I also started a blog for Noah (http://noahsupsanddowns.blogspot.com/). Let me know if I can be of any help...or just an ear to talk to. Good luck! Looking forward to reading about your little girl!

  4. It's very nice of you to stop by Bri. I look forward to reading more on your lil Noah. I have a nephew named Noah too! :)


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