Over a month.. really?!

I guess it has been a while since my last post. My apologies to all 5 of my readers. Since our last visit of great news, I didn't think I had many things to update. I also assumed that, no news is good news, which is much more boring and fewer people actually want to read about the everyday things. But then I remembered that this blog is for me. My outlet to share and clear my busy mind.

I have found so much support from the blog community. What a refreshing way to communicate with strangers! Not only have strangers in the virtual world been great to me, but the strangers on the street are even nicer to you when you are pregnant. Well most of them anyway. On two separate occasions this week, I had two of the nicest ladies tell me how great I looked. WOW! Talk about compliments! They literally made my days.

I had another routine visit this week. All checked out well. I am only going about every 4 weeks currently. She does the routine check-ups and listens to the babies heartbeat. Sounds just like a horse galloping! Measures my belly; takes my weight - eeek; asks for any questions, and I am out the door. Easy peasy.

On our next visit, mid-June, we will have another ultrasound to check the positioning of the placenta (currently it's positioned in a way to block the exit, meaning I may have to have a C-section), measuring the baby for growth and a glucose test (that takes 3 hours). So the next big visit comes on my Mother's birthday, June 22nd. Also a day after Jay's.

As for Lady Leighton, she is fully engaged in her own activities. She comes to life mostly when mommy is trying to sleep, after I eat an apple or even ice cream. We will start to do kick counts in a few weeks. I have been doing them sporadically here and there. Ten counts is NOTHING for this little ballerina! She usually hits 10 before I can find the clock to start timing it! I have a feeling we will have a feisty little one to keep us busy.

Baby shower plans are set and we are gearing up for a Louisville and Chicago shower. I am SO excited for these times to spend with my family and friends to celebrate our precious gift from God. Also to get the nursery ready. We began the process this week by emptying out the room and closet. On to taping and painting. The crib should be here soon. Thanks to Nanny and Granpa.

Our next big task while getting the nursery together is deciding on childcare. While kids with Ds prosper from this scenario, I have such a fear of these establishments. I worry that one day, some underpaid worker will have a bad day and take it out on my baby. The thought makes me sick to my stomach. Then there is the potential nanny. Also the cost associated with both. So, we will be doing lots of research and investigating. I might see if I can find a device to plant a chip in Leighton's eye to have a nanny cam. Oh the millions I could make. I wonder if that is possible... seriously. 

My hormones and anxiety have kicked into full gear over the last month or so. Not only have I started a new job at work - that I LOOOOVVVVVEEE, but I have completed my Pilates instructor test - of which I passed- and taken a break from teaching. It is also confirmed that my nesting is in full swing! My poor husband. Now he is dealing with a full blown psychopathic wife that cries and cleans in one breath, then stuffs her face and sleeps in another. At least I have spared him the crazy cravings. Nothing has yet to cause me to wake him in the middle of the night to run to the store for a MUST HAVE IT NOW feeling.

Our next mission is to get the house in pre & post baby status, choosing our caregiver as well as packing the baby bag. One takeaway from my baby app that made me realize that I am behind, uh oh, we don't have the bag packed yet!

Until next time....


  1. Things sound like they are going well. Exciting plans!
    And count me as a reader!

  2. You sound busy!! LOL...Had to laugh when reading about your pregnancy hormones!! Man am I glad I never have to go through that again! Baby sounds like she is growing well and strong!! Thats awesome :)


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