One Day At A Time

What a week it has been.

We began this week with some exciting news and some also really bad news. Our first visit to the doctor, since our diagnosis, was this past Tuesday. This was also after I returned from a weekend work trip in Dallas. Anxious and exhausted, I was ready for anything both mentally and emotionally. The ultrasound showed NO CYSTIC HYGROMAS!! Yeah!! This was great news coming from a fear that they could limit our little girls chances at life to slim. I knew I was feeling her on the plane... so I think she may be like her Daddy and Granny, not too fond of the big birds in the sky.

The part of the day that we didn't like was the heart scan. They aren't seeing all 4 chambers of her heart, but being that it was only 16 weeks at the time, they want to wait to do our 6th ultrasound on April 15th to be sure. This added yet another statistic to our bag of fun. We have received so many statistics and percentages that I sometimes confuse them all. So Jay and I have decided to scratch their theories and go with the flow. One Day At A Time.

Just when I was rested and ready to go back to work, I got a call telling me that my brothers had just lost their father. He wasn't ill, or in an accident but died peacefully in his sleep at 52. Wednesday, I had to make the hike to Kentucky to be with my brothers Skip and Kasey. They are 24 and 22 and much too young to bury their father. Much less have to deal with any of the challenges that come along with burying a single father that only has his sons and an estranged brother in Florida. Being so much older than them, I have an automatic protective nature when it comes to my brothers. I have fed them, changed both their diapers, bathed them and rocked them both to sleep. I care for them as if they are my own. That's just my nature. Seeing the pain they were in was a nightmare and knowing there isn't anything you can do for them is even worse.

I really saw the work of a Mother this week as my very own Mother had to be the Momma Bear she is to protect all her cubs. The weight her heart must carry can't be light. She and I were discussing the doctor visit when she got the call about the boys Dad. Seeing all of her children dealing with such adult issues and hurting so deeply when there is nothing she can do to fix it. I commend her strength and know that I will be a great mother, because I have one to learn from.

The Boys have a long road ahead of them, that's for certain. As we all do as a family. I know they are strong and thus time will mend the wounds, it will never heal the scars in the hearts. All we can do is pray and hope for the strength to carry us through.

One Day At A Time.



  1. God bless you and your family! Prayers to you all thru this trying time!

    Love you!

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