Our New Journey

Over the last two weeks, I have prayed harder and wished for strength more than any other time in my life as Jay and I received news every expectant parent dreads. While we were happy to learn we are having a baby girl, we are deeply saddened to receive a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

We are hopeful to carry the baby to term but still have so many questions and fears yet to be answered. Thank you to all of our wonderful family and friends for your continuous support through this difficult week. We really are blessed with such a wonderful support system.

Jay and I have felt many emotions lately. Anger, fear and sadness. We have mourned the baby we aren't going to have and looking forward to the baby we are going to have. As well as the new journey ahead.

I thought it would be best to write about our journey in this blog to share our story and to keep everyone informed of the progress our sweet baby girl is making. We ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a healthy baby girl come September.


  1. Love you Shona! I spoke with my mother in-law and Nancy would love to talk you and let you know all about her experiences as a DS mom.

    Love to you and Jay!

  2. I think it's so brave you are choosing to write about this experience. I hate to sound corny but I really do believe we are only given what we can handle. And obviously you and Jay were going to be *rock-star* parents and were chosen to take care of this special girl. I am thinking about you for sure though and will really look forward to reading about your journey.

    Jennifer Steinhagen

  3. Shona you are a wonderful aunt to Noah, and you will be an amazing mother. I can't imagine the fear, anger and frustration you must be feeling. You and jay and of course that beautiful baby girl are in my prayers. You will see that everything in life has already been written, we are just actors and actresses playing a roll. And that sweet little beauty of your has a purpose that will unravel as u tuck her in at night, and watch her grow every minute of everyday. I love you like a sister Shona and I am always here if u need to talk.

  4. Hi Shona! I found your blog through DS Mama and I just wanted to stop by and say hello and welcome you to our little 'Ds family'! I didn't have a prenatal diagnosis so I can't say I know how you're feeling exactly but I do know the grieving process that takes place after finding out your little one has Ds. Just know that you will get through it and by the time that sweet little girl arrives she will be everything you hoped for and much, much more!

    If you ever have questions or just need to vent I'm here to listen or offer support! Big hugs!!!

  5. hi shona, i have read this post with tears in my eyes as i truly understand the place you are in. recieving diognosis is probably the worst place ever, well for me it was! our beautiful daughter was diognosed with smith magenis syndrome at 2 and half (so not a prenatal diognosis like yours) but the most awful shock. my world fell apart! that was oct 2008 andnlife really does move on and things find a new way. i send you all my heart and love and know i am here for you even if it is in the virtual land of blogging. from the comments i read from your friends, i just know you will make an awesome mummy xmuch love jane xxxxx


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