Bloggin time...

Looks like it's time to start putting the pedal to the medal and get this ball rollin!

I set this blog up in May with a head full of ideas to share.. then low and behold, I get the ole' writers block. Scared to death to write anything because I was worried if anyone would care. Then I started reading others' blogs and felt I had just as much useless jargon to share.

My husband tells me the hamster in my head has to be tired. I have a lot of great ideas and he's usually the victim of them.. it's just the execution part I struggle with. Since my whole - New Years resolution thingy - is to finish things I start... now you, lucky reader, will benefit from all the chaos in my mind.

Here's what you are in for: I wanna write about the fun things I do to waste all that spare time I don't have. Since I seriously have none, I try to make the most of the time I do get to myself by doing things I love like, Pilates, crafting, and working around the house. Or just chilling on the couch with my dogs. It's my favorite place in this big old world.

Back to my crafting jargon.. Sometimes, the idea's in my head are much craftier than the final product. After countless failed attempts of glorious Christmas' past..I usually end up with lots of bins of crafting fun gone bad...but I never give up!! Maybe I can't make millions from my great adventures, but if I can bring a few smiles along the way, my goal was accomplished.

I am a newlywed too... in case I forgot to mention that - sorry hun. I am married to the most wonderfully amazing man in the world. He's kind, sincere, giving and honest. Most of all, he lets me be me and still loves me for it.

We have a beautiful house in NW Indiana that we are trying to make a warm and welcoming home. Now, I am no Martha Stewart and to be honest, I think my decorating is just shy of trailor parkish. I just can't seem to decorate with that touch of class... so here's to my trials and tribulations of figuring it out.

You shall also endure countless moments of fun times my fur babies bring. Tootsie, my 6 year old English Bulldog rescue, and Porsche, my 4 year old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, are the centers of my world. They bring a smile to my heart and warmth to my soul. Can't wait to share all the happiness they bring to my husband and I.

Well now that you know the drudgery you shall endure, I hope you continue to join this crazy train of life lived as I know it.

Until next time...


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