About Me

I am a mommy. Its a job I have chosen and I am blessed to be a mommy to my gals. All 4 of them. 2 furry, 2 on 2 legs.

I am also a wife. I too have chosen this job and I am lucky to be the wife of a caring, compassionate and loving man.

I like chocolate. A lot. I like salty and sweet together. I love fruit on a salad. I thoroughly enjoy a GREAT medium steak. Sweet tea, all the time. Oreos.

I am a coffee-aholic. A pin-aholic. A DIY-aholic. A craft-aholic. A reformed alcoholic (Is that even real?)

I enjoy the use of power tools but am still rookie enough to hurt myself and those around me. Consider this fine print and a warning.

I am a list maker. I am a container hoarder. A pilates instructor. A blogger. An advocate.

I have anxiety, OCD, and anal retention. I talk to myself. A lot. I also answer back.

I am exhaustedly happy, excited, creatively anxious and annoyingly advocating my way through this world, one dirty diaper, sloppy kiss and dirty face at a time.


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